give good face

When I was a little kid, Zinc Oxide ruled my life. During the months of April through October, any time I was in the sun, the thick sun protection was smeared across my nose and face. Guess what, I loved it! It came in tons of neon colors and it felt like a cosmic foray into make up. My rock star mother empowered her fair skin babe to ALWYAS, ALWAYS wear sunscreen on my face. The stage was set for a life long obsession with face care. 

I am obsessive about the skin on my face. My skin care routine starts with two things; protection + more protection. Hat + Sunscreen. I love DJ Khaled's Dad Hats and Arbonne Vegan Sunscreen

Facewash: AVEDA Gel Cleanser

Face mist: Rose Water is a MUST, an everyday every way, no matter what essential. i use it ALL THE TIME when I am on airplanes. Every time post face wash or shower.... ALL THE TIME. You can make your own, but the best is a tried and true brand I have used for over 10 years. Head to your local health store or order on Amazon here


1. Break the bank with amazing La Mer. La mer was introduced to me by my teacher Krista Cahill. It is my favorite splurge in the world and worth every penny. Save your coins people!!!  

2. Middle of the road with OSEA. I was gifted OSEA in a swag bag from the Sex God Yoga Conference hosted by Where Is My Guru. It was instant LOVE! I love their environmental protection cream and of course it is all VEGAN!

 3. Easy peasie Cocnut Oil. Conscious Coconut booth was next to a MYYOGAEXCHANGE booth at a Wanderlust 108 event a few years ago and Alex and I have been devotees ever since. It is only $15 for a tube and is great for face, body, hair, nails, bank accounts, the spiritual path..... everything. 

Beauty Sleep: There is nothing better for you than a great night of sleep. Turn off electronics 30 minutes before you get in bed. I promise it is way cheaper than Botox. 

love MC

free your mind... and the rest will follow!

When it feels like you keep banging your head against a wall... when you want to stay under the covers and hide... when you are so angry you see red... The "Emotional Freedom Technique" will break the chains that enslave you to hopelessness. In the most dire circumstances in my life, EFT always works. Based on the same principles as acupressure and affirmations, EFT gave me relief when I was having the worst of my panic attacks. This morning my daughter was really stressed about a test she has today. We did EFT before she left for school. Honestly, when we started, I thought it was making her anxiety worse. But, by the third round, there was a huge difference in her emotional state and mind.

Check out my video here and let it work for you too. Email me at and I can offer you a personalized affirmation. 

Find the EFT video here!