free your mind... and the rest will follow!

When it feels like you keep banging your head against a wall... when you want to stay under the covers and hide... when you are so angry you see red... The "Emotional Freedom Technique" will break the chains that enslave you to hopelessness. In the most dire circumstances in my life, EFT always works. Based on the same principles as acupressure and affirmations, EFT gave me relief when I was having the worst of my panic attacks. This morning my daughter was really stressed about a test she has today. We did EFT before she left for school. Honestly, when we started, I thought it was making her anxiety worse. But, by the third round, there was a huge difference in her emotional state and mind.

Check out my video here and let it work for you too. Email me at and I can offer you a personalized affirmation. 

Find the EFT video here!