the stuff of a chapter...

Yoga festivals have evolved a lot over the past 6 years and I with them. As the festival season comes to an end, this summer could not be better punctuated than by the wedding of my dear friends Rachel and Alex in Colorado. We all fell in love 6 years ago and their celebration is a perfect culmination of everything I love about yoga festivals. 

Many years ago, Chaeli and I landed bright eyed and bushy tailed in the Reno airport in July. We were eager to be at our first Wanderlust Festival at Squaw Valley, Tahoe. I was assisting my teacher Simon Park's classes. Our hearts balanced 10,000 butterflies with the desire to seem cool and calm. At the airport we spotted some travelers with yoga mats and knew they were headed to the fest too. One pair caught our eye and waved right away. This serendipitous wave set the course for the next chapter of my life. The friendly pair was Rachel and Alex. We ran into them again at the registration desk and made fast friends.

#tfw you've known someone for lifetimes and lifetimes and are stoked to get the party started again. 

The festival was supercharged with magic for Chaeli and me. Along with Rachel and Alex, we met so many other best friends. Compadres that we've adventured with all over the planet. Relationships that were founded on bold vulnerability. Yoga festivals are perfect for this because you are in a safe, contained space. The classes are high vibrational and lift the veil from the mundane to the extraordinary. The hundreds of other yogis around you co-create a weekend that has the power to transform your life. I am living proof of it. 

Lotus House of Yoga had been open for about a year before the epic Tahoe Wanderlust weekend. When Chaeli and I left the lake, we knew we wanted Lotus to hold the vibe that had been revealed in our own hearts. So we brought it back. We unveiled it over and over again. We went to more festivals and as the scene grew, the relationships we made early on were fortified. Although we live hundreds of miles away, Rach and Alex have been there for me through tears and triumphs. We've held each other during the toughest times in the business of yoga and in our personal journeys. However the pinnacle of our times together is always the GOSH DANG LAUGHTER. Good god we laugh a lot. Tears rolling, stomachs cramping, loosing breath laughter. The kind of laughter that HEALS you on the deepest level by reminding you to take one thing and one thing only as SERIOUSLY as you can; the love of FRIENDSHIP. 

My fiance and I are on the plane headed to Devils Thumb Ranch for the nuptials. I have that eager feeling... butterflies for what is to come and the wisdom to know that it will be epic if anything. Many of our festival family friends will be there. We are flying from all over the country to celebrate the love in the way that we do best... together... laughing... under the stars... in the comfort of our collective arms in a place that is not geographically home, but feels just as real as home. 

....Look for Nebraska's first Yoga Festival in 2017... HIGH VIBE FEST is coming yogis!!!!!