Beyonce your day

Beyonce has 24 hours in a day. #thanksgirl

When I wake up thinking "I have so much to do today" or I ask myself, "How will I get all this done?" I realize I've defeated myself before I've begun.

Simple and sweet is my motto... Simple because let's NOT overcomplicate things for once and Sweet because well.... Here is how you can overhaul your to do list, become more efficient and enjoy your day!

1. Wake up with gratitude. When you open your eyes be thankful you did. Notice how your body feels. How your stomach feels, your head, and your jaw. Breathe in deeply and out slowly. This is a practice that will become natural after a few days. This sets your rhythm of the day.

2. Start with WHY. Start with your purpose! I AM A ________________ WHO BELIEVES IN ____________ THAT DESIRES __________________. Fill in the blanks! Like adult #madlibs!!! 

3. Do NOT get ahead of your self. When you do, it's like a nasty flu that will infect your day and put a huge damper on your errands. When your mind jumps to the future of your list, you've defeated yourself. A SUPER IMPORTANT key is to stay present with the task at hand. Essential questions::: 

What is true right now?

What is necessary right now? 

What is my priority right now? 

4. Take breaks WITHOUT your phone. Walk outside and breathe 3 times. DO 15 jumping jacks. Imaginary Hula Hoop for one of your favorite songs. 

5. Go to a yoga class. Practicing yoga and meditation actually give you MORE time because it is brain training for #1, #2, and #3. Get your flow on.. sit for 10 minutes... this is vitally important for your relationship with your self. It decongests your energetic body and is the doorway to your soul. 

Implement one of these ideas each day. The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" is true and emphasizes the importance of idea #3. Now, your day won't be dominated by the dread of incompletion! Expect your errands and to do list to feel more manageable! The small actions of your day build the vibe of your life. Start now and revitalize the spaces in between!