yoga gives me...

I practice the 8 limbed path of yoga, Ashtanga. I practice all day every day. I practice in traffic, at work, at dinner, and while all alone. I listen for god in music, in art, and outdoors. I feel god when I hold my daughters hand and when I hear my grand mothers voice. The practice is my relationship with god. The differences in my practice occur when I am looking at god in someone else or in my self. The latter is more difficult. When I look at a human, it is easy for me to see the divine. Maybe because it allows me to shift the focus away from myself. Sitting in meditation, yoga presents the opportunity to sit and look at my truths. The ability to see everything inside myself with lovingkindness and acceptance is difficult. 

The yoga poses are a window into how I treat myself when I am quiet. Accepting sensation in the physical body is how i accept stimulation in my mind. A vigorous asana practice is essential to keep my body healthy AND it is vital to doing the same for my mind. 

I practice poses for 1 hour every day. I sit in meditation for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. I look for god in people. I stare at god in myself.