with passion for people


YOU ROCK!!! You are one in a million! Think about the ripple effect you have had in the universe so far! You have created millions of waves of POSTIVE ripples that you don't even know about. The smile you shared with the check out person at the grocery store, the hearts relieving stress from you sharing your time, how your children/friends/partners take your love for them and spread it to everyone they meet during the day. Thank you for shining your light. 

The universe is waiting for you to make your moves. The universe aka "ALL THE ENERGY EVERY WHERE" wants you to get really clear on what it is that you want to feel or experience. If a genie stood in front of you and said, "one wish!" Where does your heart mind go? 

I intend to play! Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins. I own Lotus House of Yoga, vinyasa studios in Nebraska. The classes I lead are fun, challenging and filled with love. My godfather is ashtanga and my sister is rock and roll. Gracefully tip toe along the fierce edge of your practice, expect sweat, love, and OM. Music is integral to the asana classes I lead. My play-lists are funky and always fresh, incorporating soul, hip hop, folk, and pop.







i love you + you are magic!